Dahlia Simangan (2020) “Can the Liberal International Order Survive the Anthropocene? Three Propositions for Converging Peace and Survival.” The Anthropocene Review, online first. doi:10.1177/2053019620982327.

A state-centric, militaristic, and capitalist-driven model of the liberal world appears incompatible with the measures required for addressing the global environmental threats in the proposed new geological epoch called the Anthropocene. While there have been discussions suggesting or implying the rejection or radical disruption of existing sets of institutional arrangements in global politics, I propose the possibility of locating effective responses to the Anthropocene challenges within the existing order, albeit a reformed or revised one. This paper presents ways of transforming the liberal international order, without abandoning some of its core values and institutions, through a greater emphasis on human security, global disarmament, and alternative economic models. The convergence of the liberal pursuit of peace and the global pursuit of survival is possible in the Anthropocene.