From November 11 to 13, I attended the 2019 Future Earth Asia International Symposium organized by Seoul National University Asia Center and Future Earth Asia Center. I represented our Director, Prof Shinji Kaneko, to share the peace and sustainability initiative of Hiroshima University. I also got the chance to present my research on peace in the Anthropocene. Unfortunately, I missed the first day and the keynote speech by former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. (I was transiting in Tokyo from Mexico City on that day and was physically tired to go directly to the event.) Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to represent NERPS in an international event and network with scholars and practitioners working for the social-ecological health in Asia, which was the theme of the symposium. Special thanks to Prof Fumiko Kasuga of Future Earth Global Hub Director, Japan for involving NERPS in this event.

Here’s the first part of my presentation that I recorded using my phone. My phone was unable to record most of the second part where I talked about my research on the Anthropocene because it ran out of memory.