Three years ago, today, I moved to Japan to start my postdoctoral fellowship. It was a difficult decision to leave the non-profit organization I founded in Nepal, but I know I need a stable career to sustain what I started. Three years later, I found myself at Hiroshima University with a tenure-track assistant professor position researching and teaching peace studies. Although luck played a huge role in my academic path, I need to say that it also took a lot of courage and hard work, especially for someone like me with a persistent self-doubt. And my experience is not unique; I know many scholars who had the same journey, and I wish to share our experiences through the Scholars Unbound podcast/video series. I hope that some people, especially from the Global South, will find the conversations in this platform useful in navigating their own journey within and beyond the academia.

Scholars Unbound is a monthly podcast/video series that showcases the voices of scholars who know no boundaries when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge. You will hear insights from their experiences as international scholars and how these influenced their research, hoping to inspire future scholars to be fearless, global, and unbound.

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