10-11 August 2019 | Nagasaki, Japan

A day after the commemoration of the Nagasaki bombing, the Research Committee (44) of the International Political Science Association held a conference on Global Risk, Security and Ethnicity.

My former colleagues from the United Nations University joined a panel I chaired on the Regional Perspectives on the Anthropocene. I presented a systematic review of International Relations (IR) scholarship on the Anthropocene to nuance the dominant discourse on the Anthropocene. Dr Leticia Sarmento dos Muchangos talked about her research on the circular economy of the Global South and its potential in addressing the challenges of the Anthropocene. Dr Tarek Katramiz presented the challenges of urban governance in the context of the Anthropocene using the case of Lebanon. Prof Moji Kazuhiko of Nagasaki University served as our discussant and provided insightful comments on the broader political and economic implications of the Anthropocene. Audience members also engaged in our panel with their feedback and questions.

We are refining our papers for publication and discussing a potential research grant application.